What is Hangar 360?

Hangar 360 is a piece of Hangar’s vision for the future, a proof-of-concept for end to end autonomous data capture, processing, and delivery.   Our core mission at Hangar is to build a software platform for aerial data capture, processing and delivery to industry and the technology behind Hangar 360 was developed as part of this. But we don’t want to limit our development applications to just business, we believe in empowering users in every segment of the drone ecosystem.  Download now to experience Hangar's technology for yourself. 

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Click, Drag and Experience a Hangar Aerial 360™ Photo

About the App

Hangar 360 is a free app for drone users that allows you to easily create and share interactive 360 degree photos for use on mobile or desktop.  Hangar 360 autonomously flies your DJI drone, captures the required aerial images, allows for one-touch upload to the Hangar cloud for processing, and delivers a fully stitched 360 image link back to you.

Hangar 360 automatically creates interactive aerial 360 images that work on mobile and desktop, including zoom, gyro device control, touch swiping and more. No more complicated, unwieldy stitching software and huge files.  Hangar automatically stitches your photos in the cloud and delivers it back to you for easy viewing and sharing, including direct image posting to Facebook.

Hangar 360 is compatible with the DJI Phantom 3 (Standard, 4k, Advanced, Pro), Phantom 4, Inspire 1, and Mavic Pro.

Perform Safety Check
Fly & Gather Photos
Send to Hangar
Enjoy and Share

Capture 360 Photos Anywhere

With the Hangar 360 app, you can take interactive photos from anywhere. Just set your drone down, perform a quick safety check, and let Hangar do the rest.  Your drone will automatically fly up to 300ft and start taking the necessary photos for your interactive 360 photo. You can also set the drone to take a 360 from any point you fly to while in the air. When the photo capture finishes, you can land the drone or keep flying. Once on the ground, transfer your captured images with a few clicks from the app to the Hangar cloud, and get a stunning 360 photo link back within minutes! You can share the photo directly to Facebook or other social media sites using the

Hangar 360 is entirely free, with no usage limits.

Check out some of our favorite 360 Photos below! 

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